1865: Local Items

Middletown, Sept. 28, 1865.

Samuel L. WarnerThe term of office of Hon. Samuel L. Warner as mayor of this city expires in January, and he leaves in December for Washington. Mayor Warner has served the city faithfully, and his record will compare favorably with that of any of his predecessors. Already is there a casting about for a successor. I have heard the following gentlemen spoken of as the probable candidates of the Union party: Wm. T. Elmer, Waldo P. Vinal, Esqs., Aldermen H. D. Hall and Wm. G. Hackstaff. The nominee will probably be one of these gentlemen.

Some scamp entered the house of Mrs. Eliza Penfield a few nights ago and robbed her of all the money she had by her, viz, six dollars.

Mrs. Eliza Lucas, a widow lady quite wealthy, living on South Main street, with her daughter, a young lady about seventeen years of age, were awakened a night or two ago by hearing a noise at the front door. The daughter got up, looked out of the window and saw two men endeavoring to effect an entrance, and heard them say that they could “take care of the old woman, but did not know what they should do with the daughter.” She made some noise when the scoundrels run off. Our citizens will do well to be on their guard for such fellows, and shoot them down without mercy.

Onions and potatoes are quite cheap here, the former selling at retail at fifty cents per bushel, and the latter at sixty-seven cents. I advise all to lay in a good stock, they are healthy and hearty food.

The family of Mr. Norman North of Staddle Hill society, is severely afflicted. One boy sixteen years old, died yesterday of the typhoid fever, two more are not expected to live, three others are sick with the same disease and Mr. North and wife are also sick themselves, making eight in one house. Truly it is a “house of mourning.”

Campbell & Smith are selling large quantities of a very useful invention, viz, Miner’s Pocket Lantern. It shuts up (when not in use) the size of a cigar case, with candle and matches all inside. One firm in New York sells one hundred dozen per month.


From The Connecticut Courant (Hartford, Connecticut), Saturday, September 30, 1865.

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