1911: Stolen $1.00 Rooster Costs, To Date, $1,000

Accused Man Spent His Nest Egg, and State Scratched Up $770 to Prosecute.

Middletown, Conn., Oct. 3.–Neither the State of Connecticut nor Peter Kelly is crowing over the reduced cost of justice in the Nutmeg State. Kelly’s little nest egg of $400 has been sacrificed and the State has had to scratch up $700 to meet the cost of Kelly’s trial for the alleged theft of Frederick Gavitt’s game rooster.

The Gavitt rooster, value $1, disappeared four months ago. Gavitt, who lives at Waterford, four miles from this city, accused Kelly, who had left Middletown and was scratching for a living at Fayville, Mass. Officers had some difficulty in finding Kelly’s roosting place and spent a lot of valuable time and money before they were able to arrest him.

Requisition papers were prepared, but Kelly got a hearing in Massachusetts, at which he indignantly denied he had “flown the coop” when accused of the theft. Kelly’s attorney finally induced him to return to Waterford for trial. He strutted into court denying his guilt, and spurred to fight by his friends, appealed the case to the higher courts when found guilty in the lower tribunal.

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World (Lawrence, Kansas), Tuesday, October 3, 1911.


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