October 4 – Middletown 366


Silver Mines in Connecticut

Dr. Frankfort, who has been working some abandoned lead mines, open at Middletown, Conn., during the revolutionary war, for the supply of bullets to our army, has found more than enough silver to pay the expenses of working the mines, thus leaving the lead obtained as clear profit. The amount of silver appears to be increasing.

From The Sun (Baltimore, Maryland), Monday, October 4, 1852.


Old Town Records Saved

Middletown, Conn.–(UPI)–Town records, dating back to 1652, have been saved for future years by John F. Pickett, city clerk, who found the old files decaying and restored them. The pages of the old record books which reveal that in the early days settlers obtained their acres by drawing lots, have been restored and the pages covered with transparent silk gauze.

From the Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada), Wednesday, October 4, 1933.

3 thoughts on “October 4 – Middletown 366

    1. Yes, the Historical Society does have these documents, called Proprietor’s Records, in three volumes that go from 1652-1842. We also have early militia records. They are used by people doing genealogical research and students as well.


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