1908: Pastor Weds Catholic Bride

Middletown, Conn., Minister Brushes Aside All Opposition

New York, Oct. 8.–An event that has been at once a romance and a cause for sharp criticism in church circles culminated yesterday in the marriage of the Rev. Henry Boardman Vanderbogart, curate of the Holy Trinity church, at Middletown, Conn., and Miss Elizabeth Irene Tierney, of New Haven. Mr. Vanderbogart has been one of the most zealous and prayerful pastors of the diocese. He had neither wife nor family and, with a bishopric or rich vestry in the immediate future, was regarded as eligible for the hand of any spinster in Connecticut.

It is true he never had had much opportunity for the cultivation of the social amenities, but about eighteen months ago he was taken ill with typhoid fever. Miss Tierney nursed him back to life and health. Between them a bond of love was woven, but ever was the gulf of religious difference. He was an Episcopalian and she a Roman Catholic. He was a broad churchman–one of those that leaned towards the liberal teaching of the later days of Oxford. She was more rigid in the tenets which she held.

One of her brothers is the pastor of St. Mary’s Star of the Sea parish in New London, another is in a seminary, two sisters are nuns, and have been ever since the time they felt that Elizabeth was able to make her own way in the world. They are Catholics and Irish–Irish from the County Leitrim–and they felt it both a personal and a religious affront that their sister should marry a clergyman of opposing faith. They tried to break up the marriage, but without effect. They even enlisted the aid of the bishop, but without avail. The couple were married yesterday in this city and, while dining in the Manhattan, sent a wire to New Haven apprising their friends of the happy culmination of their romance.

It is believed here that the marriage may result in some dissatisfaction in the church of which the Rev. Mr. Vanderbogart is pastor and may subject his newly wedded wife to some criticism, but Mr. Vanderbogart is not dependent upon his vicarage for a living and, it is believed is entirely able to take up a new pastorate if such a proceeding on his part should seem to be advisable. When the church wardens today heard of his marriage and thought over the possibility of his going elsewhere they raised his salary $200 a year. Grace church, Broadway, by special permission of the Rev. Dr. Huntington, was used for the ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. C. Campion Acheson, rector of the Church of Holy Trinity, in Middletown.

From the York Daily (York, Pennsylvania), Friday, October 9, 1908.

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