1874: Fire Alarm

There was an alarm of fire last Thursday, which called out the fire department. The fire proved to be in the engine room of Ward’s Lock factory on Spring street, but was extinguished before the firemen arrived, and caused but slight damage. Had it not been discovered in time, a disastrous fire would have been the result. In the dwelling-house close to the burning building, was a family of five children, who were unceremoniously carried into the street, some of them fast asleep.

Returning home the members of the Hook & Ladder company had a race with one of the hose companies, and came off victors which caused them to bring out several bantam roosters. And they had reason to crow, for after all that has been said about the unfitness of their truck, they showed that they can turn corners with it and outrun any of our more modern machines, even if they do have smaller wheels. Good for the Hook and Ladder boys!

From The Constitution (Middletown, Connecticut), Wednesday, October 21, 1874.

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