1936: President Franklin Roosevelt Visits Middletown

White House Surprised at Middletown Complaint on Change in Presidential Party Route, by Arthur C. Wimer.

“… Stephen Early, secretary to President Roosevelt insisted today that the White House was not responsible for any last minute changes which might have been made in the route followed by the President’s party through Middletown.

Mr. Early appeared surprised at reports that thousands of persons, many of them school children, had failed to see the President in Middletown because his automobile party had failed to move along High and Upper Washington streets as originally announced. He appeared surprised also at reports the trip down those two streets had been abandoned out of fear that Wesleyan University students might stage a Landon demonstration.

Mr. Early said if any change had been made on the [route] through Middletown it had been made by state or local officials and not by or at the instruction of White House staff. …” From the Hartford Courant, Oct. 25, 1936.

FDR visit


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