1893: To Boycott the Girls

Wesleyan University Boys Object to the Fair Sex as Students.

Middletown, Conn., Oct. 24.–When Wesleyan university first opened its doors to young ladies there was no opposition among the young men. The young ladies, however, have so increased in numbers that the boys begin to feel their influence in college affairs, one effect of which is the decline of football, as the girls are not experts at kicking.

Twenty-five percent of the freshmen class this year is of the fair sex, and the ratio in the whole body of students is as one to five. The first evidence of the feeling of the boys was the name “quail,” which signifies a female student at Wesleyan. Webb Hall, the dormitory of the young ladies, is known as “Quail Roost.”

But this is not all. The boys have organized the “P. D. Q.” society, the object of which is to put down the “quails.” The society is secret, and has now only about 100 members, but every young man in college is expected to join.

The method adopted by the “P. D. Q.” society is similar to the boycott. The college girls will not be invited by the college boys to any entertainments. Any college boy seen in the company of a “quail” will be summarily treated. The “quails” are to receive no consideration whatever.

From The Reidsville Review (Reidsville, North Caroline), Friday, October 27, 1893.

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