1875: American Missions

Middletown, Conn., Oct. 28.–The annual meeting of the American Missionary Association was continued to-day. This morning papers of interest were read by Dr. Leonard Bacon, of New Haven, upon the “Fundamental Reconstruction of the South”; by Rev. E. P. Hawes, of New Haven, upon “Slavery and the Slave Trade as They Now Exist in the World”; by Rev. Mr. Dana, of Norwich, upon “The Evangelization of Africa.” Dr. Bacon took the ground that Federal legislation, or the use of force to enforce legislation, is no longer needed at the South, but the work of the schools and the Church, and especially the work of conciliation. After the reading of the papers, interesting addresses upon the topics presented were made by Rev. Dr. Hamlin, of Constantinople, Rev. Mr. Grant, formerly of South Africa, Dr. Whipple, of New York, and others. In the afternoon session A. B. Meacham, formerly Peace Commissioner with Gen. Canby, gave Capt. Jack’s version of the Modoc trouble, Rev. A. B. Marvin presented the report of the work of the Society among the Chinese in this country, and Rev. Mr. Parsons, of Boston, spoke forcibly on the same subject. The Lord’s Supper was then celebrated. This evening Rev. C. L. Woodruff, of Boston, speaks on “The Duty of the North to the South,” and the services close with miscellaneous addresses. The meetings have been well attended and unusually interesting.

From the Boston Post (Boston, Massachusetts), Friday, October 29, 1875.

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