1945: Prof Contends Athletes Have Better Grades

By Lou Black

Middletown, Conn., Oct. 29.–(AP)–Prof. Hugh G. McCurdy of Wesleyan claims today that the stout-hearted lads who do or die on the athletic fields are better students than the boys who confine their exercise to hitting the books.

To prove his point, the professor tosses out the results of an investigation of records of Wesleyan athletes from 1926 through 1940, and by golly he’s convincing.

He sums up his survey by asking two questions:

  1. Do non athletes win more scholastic honors than athletes?
  2. Does intercollegiate sport take so much time and energy that the players do not have enough left to excel scholastically?

His answer to both, of course, is an emphatic “no.”

The be-spectacled, slight McCurdy, associate professor of physical education and coach of soccer, swimming and tennis here, reveals that the knights of the gridiron, hills and dales, and gyms are heroes, too, in general scholarship and Phi Beta Kappa competition.

The best marks are turned in by the cross-country and soccer boys, with golf, swimming, tennis, track, football, baseball, basketball and wrestling not too far behind.

Soccer and golf turn in the best material for Phi Beta Kappa keys with swimming, cross country, track, baseball, football, wrestling, basketball and tennis somewhat off the pace.

The professor, who discloses his results in the current issue of the Wesleyan Alumnus, offers no explanation why cross-country and soccer is so stimulating to the brains.

That’s a fact, and so is it fact that Wesleyan, a member of the “Little Three” with Amherst and Williams, has a fine athletic record.

From the Tucson Daily Citizen (Tucson, Arizona), Monday, October 29, 1945.


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