1868: Lost a Bet

The Middletown Sentinel says considerable amusement was occasioned Thursday afternoon by the payment of a rather comical political wager. Wm. H. Abelle, a clerk at Southmayd & Gardiner’s, made a wager with Mr. Edward Parshley that Connecticut would give its vote for Seymour, the loser agreeing to tote the winner in a wheelbarrow up Main as far as Washington street and back again. At about 3 o’clock, Mr. Abelle paid the bet. Mr. Parshley sat in the wheelbarrow, holding some political streamers, while the two were preceded by a couple of drums, and followed by quite a crowd, which seemed to enjoy the spectacle. The town bell was struck a few times as the singular procession was passing.

From the Norwich Aurora (Norwich, Connecticut), Wednesday, November 11, 1868.

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