1896: Trinity Beaten By Wesleyan

A Game That Was Witnessed By More Than a Thousand

Middletown, Conn., Nov. 15.–Over 1,000 persons witnessed the Wesleyan-Trinity game yesterday. Wesleyan scored the first touch-down in three minutes on long runs around the ends and double pass plays. Henry of Wesleyan and Langford of Trinity were put off for slugging, and Yale and Stirling substituted. Wilson kicked both goals. Trinity, by successive short runs, secured two touch-downs and goals in this half.

The second half was characterized by sharp tackling by Wesleyan, and Rymer’s series of gains through Trinity’s end. Wesleyan secured two goals, and, by sharp work, Trinity prevented her gaining two more goals when the ball was on the one-yard line. Rich of Trinity was injured, and Beecroft substituted. The line-up:

Trinity. Position. Wesleyan.
Rich, Beecroft Right end Young
Langford, Capt. Right tackle Williams
Ingalis Right guard Sibley
Lord Centre Wade
Cogswell Left guard Hayes
Sutton Left tackle Henry
Ellis Left end Young
Clasebrook Quarter back Wilson (Capt.)
Little Right half back Raymond
Woodle Left half back Rymer
Burchard Full back Wing

Score–Wesleyan, 24; Trinity, 12. Umpire–Judd of Yale. Referee–Dr. Farrand of Wesleyan. Timekeepers–Grodon and Hubbard.

From the New York Times (New York, New York), Monday, November 16, 1896.

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