November 16 – Middletown 366


From the ‘Casual List’

Middletown (Connecticut) Nov. 16. Last Thursday, Miss Lucy Gill, of this city, fell into the river, where it is supposed she lay 15 or 20 minutes before she was discovered; when she was taken up, apparently a corpse, but, happily, soon recovered.

From the Salem Mercury (Salem, Massachusetts), Tuesday, December 2, 1788.


Sells Wife and Sues Buyer for $100,000

Aged Husband Says It Was All a Joke, But Purchaser Has Bill-of-Sale.

Middletown, Conn., Nov. 16.–(A.P.)–A 74-year-old man, who signed away his young wife for $10,000, was in court today and told Judge Alyn L. Brown and a jury it was a “joke.”

The document was offered in evidence. Josiah B. Stocking, Rocky Hill, is suing William Suda, Essex, for $100,000, the value of Mrs. Stocking’s affection as set in the papers alleging alienation of this affection.

The document was as follows:

“I promise to give up all claims on my wife, Mabel P. Stocking, to William Suda for the sum of $10,000.”

Stocking signed the document on October 23, 1925.

A previous suit was settled when Stocking received an automobile from Suda several months ago.

In 1926 Stocking advertised in a matrimonial agency paper for a wife while he was yet married, but he claims his wife knew all about it.

From the Scranton Republican (Scranton, Pennsylvania), Thursday, November 17, 1927.


Brownies to Play Middletown Eleven

Agawam, Nov. 16.–The Agawam Brownies will seek their fifth victory Sunday afternoon when they play the Middletown Sons of Italy at Middletown, Conn. The game is scheduled at Municipal Field at 2.

Agawam has won four, lost two and tied one this year. It is pointing for its Nov. 25 game with the Greenfield Lions at Greenfield.

From the Springfield Union (Springfield, Massachusetts), Saturday, November 17, 1951.

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