1894: Fell Through the Trestle

Edward Fitzgerald of New York Killed at Middletown Yesterday.

Middletown, Conn., Nov. 19.–The body of Edward Fitzgerald, aged 55, of New York, was found beneath a trestle on the Valley road near Washington street early this morning. Death had been caused by a fracture of the skull. Fitzgerald came to Middletown from New York Saturday evening to visit his aunt, Mrs. Catherine Cull, who is ill. Last evening he left home to catch the “ghost” train which left at 6:29 o’clock for New York. He started to walk to the station on the railroad track and it is supposed fell through the trestle. When found there was a roll of bills containing $225 and a gold watch and chain in his pockets, indicating that death was the result of an accident rather than of foul play. He lived at 407 West Fifteenth street, New York, and owned a cab line.

From the New Haven Register (New Haven, Connecticut), Monday, November 19, 1894.

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