1816: Attacked by Foot-Pads

Middletown, Nov. 21.

On Monday evening last between 7 and 8 o’clock as Mr. Samuel Allison of this city was returning from Durham, he was attacked by three foot-pads, on the turnpike, about three miles below the city, who first capsized the waggon, then knocked him down several times, stripped him to his shirt, and then demanded his money!–he gave them his pocket book which contained but about five dollars and assured them it was all he has as they might have seen. Finding the booty so small, they returned him his pocket book and money, helped him on with his clothes and into his waggon, gave him the reins, cursed him, and told him to go about his business. The probability is, Mr. Allison was not the man they were lying in wait for. They had with them a sword, pistol and dark lantern. As our country is full of such characters, it would be well for people to be cautious about travelling in the night.

From the Dedham Gazette (Dedham, Massachusetts), Friday, November 29, 1816.

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