1884: Suing For Libel

The Coroner For Middlesex County Seeks to Vindicate His Reputation.

Middletown, Conn., Nov. 22.–P. Hanscomb of Cromwell was arraigned in the city court charged with publishing a criminal libel against Lovell Hall, the county coroner, in the Middletown Daily Herald of Nov. 18, of which paper Mr. Hanscomb is the editor. The paragraph concerning which complaint is made reads as follows:

In one investigation, which was entirely uncalled for, Lovell Hall charged the state about $600. It is time that this extravagant and entirely useless branch of the service was cut off.

The facts are stated to be as follows: Mr. Hall was appointed county coroner in June of 1883. During the eighteen months he has attended, as the law requires, 51 cases of sudden death, seven of which he investigated by suggestion of the medical examiner, and one by advice of the state attorney. In two other cases he spent one day for each in adjusting claims and accounts. For the remaining 41 cases he made no charge for time. The whole amount charged by the coroner for services and personal expenses on the 51 cases is $407.29. Silas A. Robinson appeared in court as counsel for Mr. Hanscomb, and at his request the case was adjourned until Saturday the 29th.

From the New Haven Register (New Haven, Connecticut), Saturday, November 22, 1884.

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