1925: Wesleyan Opens an Outing Clubhouse

Middletown, Ct., Nov. 27–Wesleyan university has opened an outing club on the west bank of the Connecticut river four miles below Middletown. This club, called “The House in the Field,” made its formal opening Wednesday afternoon and evening when 10 undergraduates and three professors gave a party there.

The club house is located in the village of Laurel and was secured largely through the efforts of Dr. Edgar Fauver and Prof. William G. Chanter, who have been advocating the establishment of such a place for some years.

The house will be under the direction of the Wesleyan University Christian association and under the particular control of E. L. Hubler, ’27, of Gordon, Pa., chairman of the committee in charge of the club.

From the Springfield Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts), Saturday, November 28, 1925.

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