1798: To the Inhabitants of Middletown

A number of us have agreed to devote the Evenings of Tuesday’s and Friday’s in each week, and sometimes the evening of Sunday, to acquire knowledge and perfection in Psalmody. A general invitation is given to persons of both sexes, and of all persuasions to join with us in the object expressed. No expense will arise; our association is voluntary, and the services of those acquainted with the art of singing will be free, happy in uniting their endeavors, to cultivate the taste and perfect the practice of their fellow citizens in the attainment of an object; both pleasing and important. It may not be useless to mention that a building for public worship will soon be completed, and that this ought to animate us in our exertions, for the acquisition of some degree of perfection in Psalmody,–a most beautiful and interesting part of divine service.

It is expected that the Ladies and Gentlemen of this place, will not only give a countenance to our object, but will personally join us, with their talents, on this occasion. Nothing will so effectually assist our endeavors, as the patronage of those persons of both sexes, whose example will lead to imitation, and this can alone be done efficaciously, by their punctual attendance on our Evening Schools.–Those, whose ears are deaf to the charms of music, it is charitably hoped, will not cast any impediments in our way, by soliciting or occasioning the absence of any who would otherwise attend with us.

The singing Schools generally will be shut against spectators,–at least, until some proficiency is made in the attainment of skill and power to entertain them.–When any considerable advances are made to this point, their attendance will be admitted.

Particularly we would solicit parents, and those who have the government of families, to advise such of their children or friends as have talents for music, to join the proposed school.

As an inducement to persons in general, to begin with us, on the Evening of Tuesday, December 4th, when the school will open, they are informed, that some attention to the rules of music will be given, previous to much practice.

Inhabitants of Middletown.

From the Middlesex Gazette (Middletown, Connecticut), Friday, November 30, 1798.

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