December 1 – Middletown 366


Powder Mill Blown Up

Middletown, Conn., Dec. 1.–On Friday last, the Powder Mill, in this town, belonging to Daniel Rand, Esq., was blown up. Fortunately the accident occurred whilst the hands were gone to dinner, and no lives were injured. It is not known what occasioned it.–There were only about 25 kegs of powder in the works at the time, the whole of which was destroyed, together with the building, which was blown to atoms–one part of the roof being thrown across the stream, about ten rods; and the other part in an opposite direction about the same distance. A loose board was blown high in the air, and lodged on a hemlock tree, some distance from the mill. This is the second accident of the kind which has happened to that powder mill within a few years. The loss to Mr. Rand will not probably exceed $500 or $600.–Sentinel.

From the Spectator (New York, NY), Tuesday, Dec. 7, 1830.


Students to Rally

Middletown, Conn. (AP)–A group of Wesleyan University students and residents of Middletown will begin a week-long nonviolent demonstration Friday night to rally support for general disarmament.

From the Herald and News (Klamath Falls, Oregon), Thursday, Dec. 1, 1960.


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