1887: Between President and Student

Middletown, Conn., Dec. 2.–Ex-President Beach, of the Wesleyan University, and Howard Hawxhurst, of the Senior Class, became involved in a struggle this afternoon which is the talk of the town to-night. Hawxhurst has been found several times skating on President Beach’s private pond, although he had been ordered off. This afternoon Dr. Beach met him there, but when the student was told to leave he refused. Thereupon Dr. Beach grabbed him and endeavored to force him off. He was only able, however, to drag him to the edge of the pond. At the conclusion of the encounter Hawxhurst was still on the pond, but his coat was badly torn. Both sides are now talking of legal measures.

From the New York Times (New York, New York), Saturday, December 3, 1887.

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