1828: Daring Robbery

Middletown, Conn., Dec. 6.–A most daring robbery, together with an attempt to murder, was perpetrated in Durham, on Monday night last. The store of Messrs. Coe & Wadsworth was broken open by two villains, and considerable property carried off. A son of Mr. Wadsworth slept in a room over the store, accompanied by a large dog. He was aroused by the noise of the robbers, and seizing a musket at his bedside, pointed it out of the window, and fired at them. One of the robbers shot at him with a pistol at the same time; neither shot took effect. The pistol ball, however, struck within a short distance of Mr. Wadsworth’s head. He then descended the stairs with the dog, and on reaching the door, one of the villains knocked him down. A brief struggle ensued, during which the dog exerted his teeth and strength with great skill and some effect, when the robbers made their escape.

From the Commercial Advertiser (New York, NY), Thursday, December 11, 1828.

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