1829: Methodist College

A committee from the New York and New England Conferences of the Methodist E. Church met at New Haven last week for the purpose of deciding upon a site for the College for said church and people. The committee determined upon Middletown, in this state, in preference to Bridgeport, Troy, or any other place brought into notice. They are to make a report to the different conferences in May next, by whom the report may be confirmed or rejected. But unless some very strong inducements should be held out from other places, it is believed that the conferences will coincide with the committee, and the college be located at Middletown. The people of that place, we believe, made a tender of 20 or 25,000 dollars, together with the buildings erected for Capt. Partridge’s military academy, should the college be located there.

From the Norwich Courier (Norwich, Connecticut), Wednesday, December 16, 1829.

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