1883: Valuable Fossil Discoveries

[By Telegraph to the Tribune.]

Middletown, Conn., Dec. 18.–A large deposit of fossil remains was uncovered by a blast at Portland quarries, which are situated near here, yesterday. Three large blocks of freestone were taken out three hundred feet below the surface, which are quite soft, having not yet become hardened from exposure to the air. On the upper surface of two of the blocks are visible plainly indented–some of them a half an inch deep and sharply cut–the footprints of birds of a past age. Some are large and some are small. The third block has the fossilized remains of a creature that in shape resembles a turtle. It is about one foot and six inches wide, octagonal in shape and oval like the back of a turtle. It is firmly attached to the rock, and there are no traces of legs. A number of scientists from Yale and Harvard Colleges will visit the quarries this week to search for other fossils.

From the New-York Tribune (New York, New York), Wednesday, December 19, 1883.

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