1947: Students Sell Blood to Defray Expenses of Injured Grid Star

Middletown, Ct., Dec. 20–(UP)–Coming to the aid of an injured football player, Wesleyan students today are ready to sell their blood to meet the mounting hospital expenses of Stavros Demopoulos.

Laid up in Hartford Hospital with a spinal injury, Demopoulos is faced with at least six more months of treatments, with an expected medical bill of at least $9000.

Ten students a week are pledged to sell a pint apiece, bringing in a total of $250. A college spokesman said that since most of the 1000 students show “a great enthusiasm for the move,” and since each can donate every two months, Demopoulos is assured of more than enough to pay his hospital bill.

From The Boston Traveler (Boston, Massachusetts), Saturday, December 20, 1947.

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