1825: Fire!

Middletown, Dec. 21, 1825.

Fire.--Early on Monday evening last, our citizens were aroused by the appalling cry of Fire!–which proved to be in the Soap and Candle Manufactory of Mr. Calvin Riley, a worthy and industrious young man, near Sumner’s Creek, which, together with the barn and sheds attached, were wholly destroyed. So rapid were the flames, and so far had the fire extended, before discovered, that but few things were removed from the buildings; fortunately, however, the wind blew towards the creek, otherwise it would have been difficult to have saved his dwelling-house, and a barn on the opposite side of the street. We understand that Mr. Riley had taken the largest part of his account books to his house a few days previous, and they had not been carried back to the shop.

It is not known how the fire originated. The buildings, stock, and tools, were insured at the Ætna Insurance Office, Hartford, to the amount of $1,600, which although it will not fully cover his loss, yet by being thus secured, it will be trifling to what it would have been without insurance.–Sentinel.

From the American Mercury (Hartford, Massachusetts), Tuesday, December 27, 1825.

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