1813: Bigamy


Burlington, December 24th, 1813


Wee received yours in which you informed us that the wife and children of James Stillman whoom you consider as inhabitants of Burlington are the subjects of public support—

Wee would inform you that wee do not consider them as being Inhabitants of Burlington for the following reasons—First wee have been credibly informed he has had a wife in the Southern States and left her.  Secondly that he married another wooman in the State of New york and left her without being separated from her by law and that the last mentioned wooman has sent to our town for assistans—and of coarse the marriage with the wooman in your town is illegal and the town of Burlington not Liable for her support.

The Selectmen of Middletown

Wee are gentlemen, Your humble servants

Jeles Humphrey

Theodore Pittibank           Selectmen of Burlington

Chauncey Brooks

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