1846: High School

For The Constitution.

The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council of the city of Middletown, having by invitation of the Committee of the City School Society visited the High School, and having witnessed the efficiency and ability which appears to characterize the Teachers and Assistants of both the Male and Female Departments thereof, and believing the prosperity of this Institution to be of vast importance to the welfare of our city, we cannot consistently with our duty omit publicly to express our great gratification in witnessing the order the regularity of the School, as well as the proficiency made by the Scholars in their different branches of study. We would also express our entire satisfaction and approbation of the improved system under which the School is at present conducted; and we would award the highest praise to the Committee for their unrewarded and indefatigable exertions in placing the High School in a condition in which its prosperity and usefulness must be firmly established; being convinced that the advantages afforded by this Institution for the easy and rapid acquirements of a solid and useful education, sufficiently advanced for an entrance into our Universities, or for any of the ordinary pursuits of life are equal perhaps to those of any other in the State, therefore,

Resolved, That we do cheerfully recommend the “City High School” to the fostering care of our fellow citizens, as an Institution promising great usefulness to our city, and one in which we should feel a common interest and pride, placing as it does a higher order of education equally within the reach of all, whatever their condition in life, who choose to avail themselves of its benefits.

Resolved, That the foregoing preamble and resolution signed by the Mayor, be published in both papers in this city.

By the order of the Board,


City of Middletown, Dec. 26, 1846.

From the Constitution (Middletown, Connecticut), Wednesday, December 30, 1846.

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