October 10 – Middletown 366


Vision at St. John’s Church

On October 10, 1928 an article titled, “Tale of Vision in Middletown Attracts 1,500” appeared on the first page of The Hartford Courant. The article explained that Saint John’s Church had been “crowded after children report seeing form of Blessed Virgin at Altar.”  The author reported that Reverend Dennis F. Baker, Pastor of Saint John’s, had “ridiculed the rumor.” Pastor Baker told the press that it was, “a figment of childish imagination, accentuated by the fact that the sanctuary light caused one of the prongs holding the light to make a blur and form an apparent vision.”[1]

[1] Harry T. Clew, “Tale of Vision in Middletown Attracts 1,500,” Hartford Courant, October 10, 1928, 1.

Story contributed by Jennifer Schloat.


75,000 Welcome Connell Home

Commander Art J. Connell returned home to a parade on Main Street, Middletown. Police Chief John Pomfret estimated 75,000 came out to welcome him.Commander Connell welcomed home



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