March 23 – Middletown 366


Whale Fishery

“A company has been formed at Middletown, Conn., to engage in this trade. A subscription was set on foot last week, and nearly enough immediately subscribed to purchase and fit out a large ship.” –From The Evening Post (New York, NY), Mar. 23, 1833.


Higher Prices

Middletown, Conn., Mar. 22, ’66

Messrs. Doty & Bro., Janesville, Wis.:–Gentlemen:–We regret to find that we are losing money on every washer we are selling, and are compelled to raise the price for retail to 14 to 15 dollars, family size. This may take you by surprise, but it is a fact nevertheless, a real fact, and the sooner you are prepared for it, the better. Our expenses in selling are very heavy, and lumber is very high.

Yours truly, M. W. M. & Co.,

D. Lyman, Treasurer.


Middletown, Conn. Mar. 23, ’66.

Messrs. Doty & Bro., Janesville, Wis.:–Gentlemen,–In our last, we told you we should have to raise the price of Washers to do ourselves justice. After April 1st, next, the prices must be $15 for family size, and $16 for hotel size. If you require to the 15th of April to change in your territory you can do so.

Yours truly, M. W. M. & Co.

David Lyman, Treasurer.

From The Findlay Jeffersonian (Findlay, Ohio), May 11, 1866.

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