May 14 – Middletown 366


A Woman Commands a Coal Barge

Middletown, Conn., May 14.–The barge Edith McDermott is at the dock here and is discharging a cargo of coal. This barge does not differ from the others that ply between this city and the coal ports, only that it is owned and captained by a woman, whose husband died about six years ago and left her with two children. Her husband formerly commanded the barge, and when he died she continued in the trade, and has managed her business affairs with great success. Besides the barge of which she takes charge, she owns three others that are engaged in the same trade. Her two children are with her. She is as full of business as any man engaged in the same vocation. She carries two mules aboard the boat for furnishing power to hoist the coal out of the hold.

From The Sun (New York, N.Y.), May 15, 1892.


Moves for Indictment of Mrs. Johanna Tell

Middletown, Conn., May 14–By order of Judge A. F. Ells, a Grand Jury has been summoned in the Superior Court here tomorrow to consider indictment of Mrs. Johanna Tell, who confessed the murder of her employer, Charles Blair, at Killingworth and was later extradited from New York City. Should a true bill be returned State’s Attorney Ernest A. Inglis said trial of Mrs. Tell would begin in the Superior Court May 20.

From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, N. Y.), Wednesday, May 14, 1924.



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